Using pre-written policy and procedure templates will save you time and effort when assembling your manual.

Way We Do provides a variety of pre-written policy and procedure templates for purchase in the Market Place.

To purchase a prewritten procedure template, first navigate to the Way We Do Market Place.

1. Click on the Person icon in the Top Level Navigation Menu.
2. Select Market Place from the drop down menu.

Click the purchase button of the procedure you wish to buy. Note: If the procedure has already been purchased it will feature a green check mark in the corner and the button will read ‘Re-install’.

Choose a section of your company manual to place the procedure under.

Enter the CVN from the back of the credit card you placed on file when you opened your Way We Do account.

Click ‘Purchase’ to complete the transaction and install the template.

If you have previously purchased credit for your Way We Do account, a notification message will appear in the purchase box. Click ‘Purchase’ to confirm your purchase and the amount will be deducted from your credit.

If you wish to purchase pre-paid credit for the marketplace and other Way We Do services, send an email with your request to You will be sent an invoice for the desired amount of credit and your account will be credited when the invoice has been paid.

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