Searching For Templates in the Market Place
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You can quickly find specific policies and procedures in the Market Place by using the search function provided.

Begin by navigating to the Market Place.

  1. Click the Person icon in the top right corner of the screen.

  2. Click the Market Place option in the drop down menu.

Searching for Policies and Procedures in the Market Place

On the Market Place screen, enter your desired search term(s) into the box labeled "Search Procedures in Marketplace."

Tap "Enter" on your keyboard to enter your search terms.


The Market Place search function will return any policy or procedure that contains your desired keyword.


The search results, including the number of documents available, will be listed on the search page.

Click on any document to view the information page for that document.

Click the blue button with the price information to purchase the document.

Policies and Procedures marked with a green check box have already been purchased and are available to use in your manual.

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