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Our Pricing Structure / Costs
Our Pricing Structure / Costs
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Way We Do features a tiered-based pricing structure that gives you room to move within each tier. Entry Plans start at $99 per month giving you up to 10 team members.

Pricing for all team members is the same regardless of organizational or security role. This is due to all team members participating in and completing activities.

Way We Do is more than just a repository of SOPs that people passively access when they want to. Of course, they can still do that, however the Way We Do platform prompts and reminds team members to complete activities throughout the day, week, month, quarter, and year and records the completion of those activities.

A successful, well-run organization has repeatable, standardized processes that have a set cadence and assigned to organizational roles. It is this principle that sets Way We Do apart from others and helps your organization run like a well-oiled machine.

Each team member is individually tracked, which allows you to assign tasks and send email notifications to individual employees as needed.

Why Add Users to Way We Do

Adding team members to your account unlocks the true value of Way We Do by turning your policies and procedures into usable tools rather than just a manual that sits in the cloud. Our data shows that many team members access and use their Way We Do manual several times during the workday. By creating this easy access to vital information and instruction you are able to increase productivity and overall work quality in your business.

To learn more about the benefits of adding users, read Why should you add each team member to your manual on Way We Do?

Growth and Enterprise Plans

Way We Do provides discounted plans for larger organizations. To learn more about volume pricing for your business, contact the Way We Do customer success team at

Non-Profit Discounts

Way We Do also provide non-profit discounts for selected organizations. To learn more about non-profit discounts, contact the Way We Do customer success team at

Professional Services

In addition to the Way We Do platform, our Service Partners and our own consultants provide professional services to help you implement Way We Do. If you need assistance with implementation, contact the Way We Do customer success team at

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