Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Instructions for setting up two factor authentication for a user.

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You can add an extra layer of security for when you log in to Way We Do by setting up two factor authentication.

This is done on a per user basis and requires the user to perform the set up.

Note: you will need to request for two factor authentication to be activated on your account. To do this, send a message to us at

What is two factor authentication?

Two factor authentication requires you to add in a unique code after entering your username and password, before you're logged in to your account.

To use two factor authentication you'll need to have an "Authenticator app" such as Microsoft Authenticator.

Enabling two factor authentication

Log in to your Way We Do account and navigate to the Account section by clicking the person icon, then clicking Account.

From the Account landing page, choose My Details

Select the tab for Two Factor Auth

Open your authenticator app and scan the QR code. Depending on your app, you may first need to choose an option for adding a new account (or similar).

When provided with the 6-digit authentication code enter it in to the field and select Enable Two Factor Auth

The screen will refresh and show that two factor authentication is now enabled.

Disabling two factor authentication

To disable two factor authentication, navigate to Account > My Details> Two Factor Auth.

Open your authenticator app to get a 6-digit code. Enter this code in to the Disable Two Factor Authentication field, then select the Disable Two Factor Auth button

Logging in with Two Factor Authentication

On the login screen for your Way We Do account, enter in your username and password.

You'll then be asked to enter in a 6-digit code, which you can retrieve from your authenticator app.

Select Submit which will finalize your login and take you to your dashboard.

Incorrect credentials

Entering the incorrect credentials 5 times, either username & password OR 6-digit code, will result in a 15-minute lockout of your account.

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