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Way We Do Basics
Way We Do Basics
Documentation about the Way We Do application.
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Embedding Attached PDFs into Procedures
Using the Basic Procedure Template
Adding & Editing Active Criteria
Navigation Overview
Add new procedure using the "no template" option
Assigning roles to procedures
Inserting video into your procedure
Inserting an image (picture) into your procedure
Inserting a table into your procedure
Inserting special characters and symbols into your procedure
Inserting PowerPoint and other presentations into your procedure
Adding an Acceptance Request
Create Web-Based Image Files To Insert Into Documents
Add or Delete A Row or Column In A Table
Resize A Table's Width and Height (Rows and Columns)
Change The Width Of A Table Column
Top Level Navigation
Push Navigation
Add a New Procedure
How to Cut and Paste Content
Expand the Editing Space to Full Screen
Increasing or Decreasing the Size of Text
Changing the Colour (color) of Text
Highlighting Text with a Different Colour (color)
Using Bold, Italics and Underline
Creating Ordered (Numbered) list
Creating a Bullet Point (Un-ordered) List
Linking To Another Procedure or External Website
Removing a Link
How to Add a Revision Date to a Procedure
Print a Procedure
Retire or Delete a Procedure
View and Edit an Existing Procedure
Browsing and Viewing Pre-written Policy and Procedure Templates
Searching For Templates in the Market Place
Am I Able To Change My Manual's Footer Details?
How Do I Change The Font In My Manual?
Do You Have Businesses In The US or UK Using Way We Do?
Why Can't I Cut, Copy or Paste Using The Rich Text Editor?
Linking to an Email Address
Use of Indention to Create Formatted Lists
How to Make Videos Private to Your Company Manual
How to Attach Files and Link to them within your policy or procedure
Editing Attachments, Saving and Reattach To Procedure
Editing and Linking Attachments That Are Hosted By A File Sharing Solution
Adding Tasks to a Procedure
How to Restrict a Procedure and Keep it Private
Usage on Tablets and Mobile Devices
Editing the Source Code of a Procedure
Autosave Content
How to Stop Revision Reminder Emails
How to Stop Task Reminder Emails
How to Paste a Drawing into a Procedure
How to Change the Order of Procedure Cards
Installing and Re-Installing a Pre-Written Procedure Template
Paying for Premium Templates in the Marketplace
Creating Jump Links or Anchor Links In Procedures
How do I center text?
How do I center an image?
How to Report Bugs to Way We Do
Insert Flowcharts
How to Upload a Large List of Users Into Way We Do
Procedure Publishing Status Overview
View or locate the procedures I am editing from the filter status
How to Invite Others to Review a Procedure (Pending Review Status)
How to Use the Review Tools in a Procedure while it is in Pending Review Status
Integration with - Cloud Storage Solution
Integration with Dropbox - Cloud Storage Solution
Integration with Google Drive - Cloud Storage Solution
Keyboard Shortcuts
Why are images appearing rotated?
How to Insert Page Breaks
How do I retrieve or restore content I accidentally deleted?
How to Turn Off Email Notifications from Way We Do
Embedding Forms
Document Storage
Can I get a list of the procedures that are pending review?
Can I change the color (colour) of a table or table cell?
Who can create, edit or publish a procedure?
How do I arrange SOP's (Policies and Procedures)?
How do I export or print documents (policies and procedures) from my manual?
How can I share my Way We Do manual?
Can I write my company manual in another language?
Which steps are mandatory or optional in a Checklist?
Can I restart or resume an Abandoned Checklist?
Resume Checklist Instance
Add Way We Do To Your iPhone
Create a Shortcut On Your Computer With Internet Explorer 11
Company Name in PDF Version Footer and Email Header
How to view procedures in a list
Edit Locking
Can I cut and paste images into my manual?
Checklists Daily Reminder Email
How do I save my Activated Checklist and come back to finish it later?
What do the Colors and Symbols on the Checklist Activity page/tab mean?
How to Integrate Files from Cloud Storage (Google Drive,, Dropbox)
Integration with OneDrive - Cloud Storage Solution
How to Print a Table of Contents for the Manual
Customize Procedure Cards by adding Titles, Descriptions, and Images
Can I bulk upload content from Word documents to my Way We Do manual?
Embed a Google Drawings Image
Microsoft Azure Active Directory Single Sign-On Setup
Expand Activated Checklist to Fullscreen and Sync Instruction Panel to each Step
Add Headings to your Policy or Procedure
Procedure Card Colors
Microsoft Flow - Action - Create Checklist Instance
Update Your Personal Details in Way We Do
Embed Loom Video in Way We Do
Setting up your branding within Way We Do
Restore Procedure Card Titles Automatically After Editing
Short Links for Third-Party Apps
Edit History / Revision History
Time Zones and Time and Date Stamps
Using Emoji for your Labels, Procedures and Activated Checklist/ Step-by-Step process
How to Change Your Email Address
How to add a quote to a procedure
Supervisor Sign-off
Attach Files to Role Descriptions
Filter Overview
Adding version numbers to your procedures
Editing already published procedures
Adding editing annotation
Delete a Draft or Pending Review Procedure
Procedure Editing Screen Overview - How to Edit, Publish and Delete Procedures
How do I get back to the dashboard?
Terms to Know: Process, Procedure, Task, Checklist
Dashboard Tour
"MailTo" templates in Way We Do
Setting up your default email on your device
Active Criteria Overview
Strikethrough, Superscript & Subscript Short Cut Keys and HTML
Updating Checklist Instance Activity Titles
Conducting an Advanced Search in Way We Do
On time, Overdue, Confirmed, & Unconfirmed statuses
Checklist Instance Search and Due Dates
How to Copy a Procedure or Checklist
How to create a Procedure or Checklist Template
Duplicate & Template
Setting Conditions on Decision Points