Checklist Instance Report

To assist in management and record keeping, Way We Do makes it easy to view, download and print a full instance report for each Activated Checklist in your manual.

  1. Navigate to the Reports section of your Way We Do manual by clicking "Reports" in the top navigation menu.
  2. Click the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen, then click "Checklist Instance" in the menu to open a list of Activated Checklists.
  3. The Activated Checklists list shows the titles of each checklist in your manual, and the number of instances each checklist has. You can search for the Activated Checklist you would like to see an Instance Report for by clicking the search icon in the top right corner. Clicking the title of the checklist will take you directly to the checklist in your manual. Click the Instances number next to any title to see the instances list for that checklist.
  4. This list shows each instance of activation for the checklist, and includes the date and time the checklist was activated, the name of the person who activated the checklist, and the title that was given to the instance. Click the title of the instance you wish to see the report for.
  5. The report screen shows every action that was performed in the activation instance of the checklist, along with the name of the person who performed the action, and the date and time of each action. Beginning with activation, the list will include details for each box that was checked off, as well as any comments, attachments, and supervisor sign-off information that are added to the list. The timestamp in the bottom left corner shows the total amount of time that elapsed during the entire instance of the list.
  6. NOTE: Images and attachments added to steps in Activated Checklists will not be printed as part of the report. The attachment titles will be included, but attached files must be opened, viewed and printed individually.
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