Inserting video into your procedure

Videos can add another dimension to your procedure documents.  Instead of telling someone how to do something, show them in a video.  

Videos can able to be inserted into a procedure page on Way We Do simply by clicking upon the "Insert Video" icon which looks like a video play button and is located on the editing toolbar.  The editing toolbar is only displayed when you are editing a procedure document. 

When you click upon the "Insert Video" icon, a dialogue box will pop-up.  Simply paste the video embed code here and click the "Insert" button.  

Types of Videos Accepted 

Videos from any video sharing platform such as YouTube and Vimeo that provides an "embed code" can be used within Way We Do.  For example, the following steps are for embedding a video from YouTube.  

  1. Find the video that you would like to embed into Way We Do.  
  2. Click on the "Share" link. 
  3. Click on the "Embed" link. 
  4. YouTube playlists at the end of the video can be removed by unchecking the "Share with playlist starting from" option. This will avoid distractions for users. Leave this boxed checked to allow suggested videos to display after the video has ended.

  5. Copy the code underneath the "Embed" link.  
  6. Paste this code into your Way We Do procedure page.  

Privacy Settings - Unlisted YouTube Videos 

When you add your video to YouTube, you may wish to make the video "unlisted" so that it can not be searched upon within Google or YouTube itself.  
An "Unlisted video" is a type of private video which means only the people who know the link to the video can view it (such as embedding the video file within your secure Way We Do account for your team to view it within procedures you add it to).  
To make your video "unlisted", simply log into your YouTube account, go to your video settings and then change the "Privacy Setting" from "public" to "unlisted".  
More information can be found at YouTube Support.  


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