Moving the Label Display (Menu) Order

You can change the order of labels displayed on the sub-navigation of the Manual section.  When viewing a procedure, click on the "labels" icon and then click the "Edit Label" link. 

When there are two straight lines against the left of each label, you are able to drag and drop the label into a reordered position. 

Labels can also be dragged into an indented position to create sub-Labels under a primary Label.  Way We Do allows for unlimited sub-Labels. 


You can also use the Manage labels to arrange the labels. 

  1. Click on the push navigation on the top left. 
  2. Click on Manage labels at the bottom
  3. Click on the Dotted line on the left of the label to arrange the labels. Drag it up or down to arrange the labels, or to the right to make it a Sub-Label.


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