How to Cut and Paste Content

If you would like to add previously written content to your Way We Do manual, or use content from your manual in another document, the easiest way to transfer the content will be to use Cut and Paste functions. In some browsers it is possible to simply "right click" on your mouse and use the copy, cut and paste functions offered.

Some browsers will not allow you to use the mouse cut and paste functions in a rich text editor like the one on Way We Do. This is a security feature built into the browsers. Attempting to use the right click function will result in an error message similar to this: 

"Your browser security settings don't permit the editor to automatically execute cutting operations. Please use the keyboard for that (Ctrl/Cmd+x)." 

If you see this error message you will need to use the keyboard shortcuts listed below.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Cutting and Pasting

You will need to use keyboard commands to paste content into your manual. Following is a list of helpful keyboard commands for Windows users.

  • Copy: Control + C
  • Cut: Control + X
  • Paste: Control + V
  • Select All: Control + A

Mac users have the same functionality, but will need to use the Command key (⌘) rather than the Control key. Following is a list of keyboard commands for Mac. 

  • Copy: Command + C
  • Cut: Command + X
  • Paste: Command + V
  • Select All: Command + A
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