View and Edit an Existing Procedure

To view and edit an existing procedure, first navigate to the "Manual" section of Way We Do. Click to select the procedure you would like to view.


You can browse through the available procedures using the Push Navigation Menu or search for specific documents or keywords using the Search function. 

Select a procedure

The selected procedure will open in view mode.

In this mode, the document can be read, but no changes can be made. You can still edit the procedure, assign tasks, add attachments, set acceptance requirements, assign roles responsible, add labels, add revision dates, print or delete the procedure by using the menu icons on the right side of the screen.



To edit the procedure, click the Edit icon on the right side of the screen. It's the one that looks like a pencil.


Way We Do provides a full text editor with all of the standard editing tools. These tools are provided to make customising your content as easy as possible.

When you are done editing your procedure, click "Save" to publish your work and return to view mode.

If you wish to return to view mode without saving your changes, simply click the View icon. It's the one that looks like a page.

NOTE: Only Editors and Admins are able to edit and publish procedures.


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