Procedure Publishing Status Overview: Video Tutorial

By default, clicking the Save button after editing will publish the policy or procedure you have been working on, but not every procedure needs to be published immediately. In order to give you more control over your manual content, Way We Do allows you to assign a status to a procedure before saving. A procedure can be saved as a draft, marked as pending review, published, or retired. 

To change the status of a procedure:

  1. While in edit mode, look at the top left of the editing screen for the procedure where the Status of the procedure is shown along with an arrow.
  2. Click the arrow and select the desired status from the drop down box.
  3. Click Save to save the procedure with the new status. 

Each different status for procedures has a unique function in your Way We Do manual.


You can save a procedure in draft form to save the changes you have made without publishing the procedure to the public company manual. This function is helpful when you need to make a lot of changes, but aren’t able to complete the procedure in one session. You can come back and edit or finish the draft at a later date.

Procedures that are in draft form will be clearly marked as drafts. They will be viewable by all users, but will not appear in any reports, and no reminder emails will be sent to users about the procedure until it is published.

Pending Review

The Pending Review status is a special setting that can be used when you want to invite feedback from others on a procedure. After selecting Pending Review from the drop down status box, a dialog box will appear and prompt you to invite others to review the procedure. The invitation will be sent by email to the users you select.

Only users with editor or administration privileges will be available for review invitations, and you can only invite users to review procedures that are not restricted. A daily digest email will be sent each day showing new comments and any progress that has been made on the procedure while it is in Pending Review status.


Published procedures are the most common types of procedures. These procedures will appear in reports. Reminder emails and task reminders will be sent as scheduled.


Retired procedures are marked with a “Retired” flag and have a greyed-out procedure card in the main view screen. This status was created for procedures that contain outdated or irrelevant information that is no longer used.

Retiring a procedure immediately shows users that the procedure isn’t to be followed without having to delete the procedure entirely. This is a great way to maintain information that may be needed at a later date. Retired procedures will be viewable by all users, but will not appear in any reports or reminder emails.

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