Adding Work Hours

Instructions for creating work hours and assigning them to your team

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Adding Work Hours to your account enables you to detail the days and times that your employees are at work. You can add more than one set of work hours to reflect the different shifts that you have.

For example, you may create a standard set of business hours such as Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Then you may have morning / night shifts or weekend shifts.

You will then assign Work Hours to your employees and other team members via User Management.

Why would I add work hours to my account?

Adding work hours impacts how time is calculated when a user completes a checklist instance where there is a due date, an event, or a delay.

If you do not have work hours set up, then a delay of 24 hours reflects 24 hours of actual time. If you do have work hours set up, and it's formatted that the employee work 8 hours per day, then 24 hours would actually reflect three work days.

In addition it would also ensure that days that the employee is not working, e.g. weekends, days off, public holidays, are not included. This means that only the times an employee is at work are included when calculating a due date & time.

Creating a set of Work Hours

To create Work Hours select the person icon in the top right of your screen to access the Administration section of your account.

  • Open the navigation panel and choose Work Hours

  • Select Add New


  • Format the Work Hours:

    • Add a Title that will help you to identify the work hours later

    • Use the dropdown to select the Time Zone

    • Select your Country and your State / County

  • Select the days that are relevant for this set of work hours

  • Use the time selector to adjust the start and finish times or delete the content and type it in manually

  • You can add more sets of time to certain days by clicking the plus button

  • Select Copy time to all which will duplicate what is formatted to all other days that are selected

  • Select Save Work Hours

You will be able to see the work hours you just created. Select Add New again to add another set of work hours.


Assigning Work Hours to an employee

Work Hours are assigned to your employees via User Management. Select the person icon in the top right of your screen to access the Administration section of your account.

  • Search for the employee you're adding work hours to and click to open.

  • The Work hours dropdown will currently show "No work hours selected". Use this dropdown to choose the Work Hours you're applying to this employee.

  • Select Update Details to save.

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