How to add a Delay to an Activated Checklist

Instructions for adding a Delay to an Activated Checklist

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Adding a delay to an Activated Checklist is like pressing pause on the process for a given amount of time.

A delay sits in between steps and inhibits the ability for the process to continue until the designated time frame has passed.

You can add a delay to one or more steps and select if the time will be calculated from when the checklist is started or from another step being completed.

Once a checklist is run, Way We Do will calculate the estimated or projected time that the checklist will take based on the delay timeframe added.

Why would I add a delay to my checklist?

This is a useful feature for any of your processes where you need to ensure a certain period of time passes before continuing.

  • If you have to wait 24 hours after issuing notice to a customer before contacting them again

  • Waiting for three days for a check / cheque to clear before you can finish a banking process

Adding a delay to a step

1. Add the delay using Step Types

When adding your delay, you'll need to select the arrow to expose the different Step Types and select Delay - hourglass icon


2. Format the delay

To format the delay, select the step which will open it up on the instruction panel.

  • Your delay can either begin calculating from when the checklist is run or when another step in the process has been completed. Use the Calculate delay from dropdown to choose either Start or another step

  • If you'd like the person(s) completing the checklist to be able to adjust the delay length, you can do this by changing Can the delay date be modified? to "Yes"

  • Select if you'd like to enable or disable Comments on the step

  • Use the fields under Delay for to enter in the amount of time that you want the delay to be. If you don't require one of the fields, leave the amount at zero. Note: a day is calculated at 24 hours. So, in the below screenshot 3 days would be a total of 72 hours

If you're using Work Hours this will impact how you calculate your delay for period. You can hover over the blue question mark next to Delay for to read more information on calculating your delay. Select Use the Work Day Calculator to help you convert actual time in to work hours


You will be able to easily see which steps have a Delay on them as there will be an hourglass icon on the step


3. Checking for errors

If there is an error to your Delay step a yellow warning symbol will show on the step and at the top of the screen near the Finish button. Click the symbol to view details about the error.

The most common errors are:

  1. You have entered the delay as the last step in the process. There always needs to be a step after the delay, otherwise there is no reason to add a delay

  2. The "Delay for" fields are set to zero.

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