Adding your team members as new users

Instructions for adding team members to your Way We Do account

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Allowing your team members to access your Way We Do operations manual is pretty easy!

Adding users

  • To add users, click on Administration and then click on Account

  • The Account Landing page will display, select Team Management

  • Click the Add New button

  • Add the team members details including first and last names, email address, role, and invitation email.

  • Click Invite User

Editing Role

There are 3 types of roles defined within Way We Do including User, Editor and Administrator. This article details the different permissions available to each.


Responsibilities, also known as Roles, are the job titles and functions that have been added to the Company Structure (Organization) Chart. Click the appropriate roles to add the new user to a position in the chart.

Invitation Email

When you invite people to join your Way We Do operations manual, an email will be sent to them asking them to create their own password. Their email address is set as their username (unless you have non-email login set up, then there are different instructions)

As the Administrator you will be able to remove users at any time.

Resend Email Invitation

If your team member does not accept the email invitation sent from Way We Do and cannot find it, you are able to resend the email by clicking the Resend button next to their name on the Team Management screen.

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