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05. Integrating with 3rd Party Apps
Way We Do API Key for Microsoft Power Automate & Zapier
Way We Do API Key for Microsoft Power Automate & Zapier
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You will need to use an API Key when using Way We Do's connector for Microsoft Power Automate and Zapier. This is available within the Account > Company Details section of your Way We Do account. The url you can access this from is:


  1. Go to the "Administration > Account > Company Details" section. Administration is available via the person icon in the top right hand menu.

  2. Click on the "Integration" tab and click the button "Generate one now" to generate an API Key.

  3. Your API Key will be generated. Copy and paste this API Key into Microsoft Power Automate or Zapier when requested.

  4. A new API Key can be generated by clicking the "Generate new API Key" if you would like to change the current one. Please be aware that if a previous API Key has been used, it will no longer work after generating a new one.

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