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Microsoft Power Automate - Action - Create Checklist Instance
Microsoft Power Automate - Action - Create Checklist Instance
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Way We Do's Activated Checklist Instances can be started automatically by creating Schedules or by using Microsoft Power Automate when triggers occur in 3rd party web applications.

Examples of a trigger are:

  • When a customer complaint form is submitted from a website

  • When a sales lead has been generated in a CRM system

  • When a meeting has been booked in an online calendar

Before creating a flow, you will need to ensure that you have connected your Way We Do account with Microsoft Power Automate.

  1. To create a new flow, click "Create", then click "Automated Cloud Flow"

  2. Enter the name of the new flow you wish to create

  3. Search for an application to create a trigger and ensure it is connected to your Microsoft Power Automate account

  4. After creating a trigger in Microsoft Power Automate, add an "Action" and search for Way We Do.

  5. Select "Create Checklist Instance" from the list of actions.

  6. In the "Create Checklist Instance" action, you will need to select:

    • Procedure ID - the exact name of the Activated Checklist title. You will need to ensure Way We Do is connected in your Microsoft Power Automate account.

    • Title - enter in a title you wish the instance to be called each time it runs. You can also enter dynamic names based upon the data available in the apps you select in the flow.

    • User ID - enter the email address of the user from within your Way We Do account.

  7. Click "Save" and "Test" the flow to ensure that the automation works.

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