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Update Credit Card Details on Way We Do
Update Credit Card Details on Way We Do
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Occasionally it may be necessary to change the credit card details that are on file with Way We Do. To protect your security, these payment details are not stored on our servers, but in the secure eWAY (Australia/NZ subscribers) or Stripe system (US, UK and all other subscribers). Pay as you go account holders can change the credit card information at any time.

1. Click the person icon to open the administration menu.

2. Click "Account".

3. Click on "Billing & Subscription".

4. Click "Update payment method" on this page to enter your new credit card details.

Way We Do accepts most major credit cards, including American Express (AmEx), Visa and Mastercard.

NOTE: If you have a pre-paid account you will need to contact our friendly support team to change your credit card details.

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