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Why was my credit card declined?
Why was my credit card declined?
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Credit cards can be declined for many reasons. Sometimes a card is declined due to an action on the part of the credit provider since there are many detection measures in place to protect credit card users. Other times it could be a simple matter of user error or miscommunication. Following are a few of the reasons a credit card may be declined:

  • A credit card may be declined for "suspicious activity". This can be because the payment is very large, or has been paid to an unlikely seller (i.e. someone in another country).

  • The spending limit has been reached. Most credit cards have a spending limit where they top off and won't process any more transactions.

  • The per day spending limit has been reached. Many credit cards limit the number of purchases, or the amount of money that can be spent in a day.

  • The information you entered does not match the information on file. Simply mis-typing your name, or leaving a digit out of your address while registering purchases online will cause credit card transactions to fail for security reasons.

  • You are behind on credit card payments. Many credit card companies will put a hold on an account that is past due.

  • Your credit card has expired. Credit cards are issued only for a certain amount of time, and must be renewed before the expiration date.

  • There is a hold on the card. Sometimes companies will place a hold on your credit card as a form of deposit. This happens when renting a car, registering a hotel room, or other similar activities. If there are too many holds on the card, the credit issuer will likely stop payments in order to ensure that there is enough credit available to honour the holds if necessary.

These are just a few suggestions of reasons that a credit card may be declined. Way We Do is not connected to or associated with any credit card provider and is unable to help in clearing up issues with declined cards.

All transactions on Way We Do are processed through eWAY, and all credit card information is stored on their secure servers. Any time there is a failed transaction, eWAY will send a receipt to the card holder that notifies them of the failed transaction. The receipt often contains a transaction code that may explain the reason for the failure.

We recommend that you contact your credit issuer for information regarding individual credit card activities, purchases or problems.

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