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Labels: Creating, Editing and Deleting Procedure Labels for Subnavigation, Categories, Departments or Headings
Labels: Creating, Editing and Deleting Procedure Labels for Subnavigation, Categories, Departments or Headings
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Each procedure document can have a single or multiple "labels" associated with it. Labels are used on Way We Do is to help file procedures into categories based upon each area of a business or organisation.

Each new Way We Do account comes with an initial list of labels (Induction Manual, Team Directory, Operations, Marketing, Sales, Administration, Finance, HR), however, you have the ability to create more as well as sub-labels.

Labels are displayed up to as many levels as you require. For example, within HR there are multiple disciplines such as Recruitment, Performance Reviews and Management. Each of these sub-topics of HR could become a separate label. They would be positioned as a level 2 label under HR, a sub-label.

We recommend not to create too many labels or levels past 3 as it may become confusing to your team members whom you invite to use your Operations Manual.

The labels are displayed within the left hand sub-navigation menu of the "Manual" section. Simply click on the sub-navigation icon in the left top hand corner and then click on a label. The procedures that have been filed for that category will display.

Creating New Labels

From your sub-navigation menu, scroll down to the bottom and click on "Manage Labels". This will take you to the label management page where you can edit, reorder, rename, your labels as well as add new labels.


Once there, click on "Add new Label" at the top to create a new label.

You can also create a new label while editing a procedure document.

  1. Click on the "Label" icon in the right-hand tools.

  2. To create a new label, click on the "Add a New Label" link.

  3. Enter the new name of the label.

  4. Select which level you would like the label to be positioned by dragging and dropping it into position.


Ordering Labels

You can choose the order the labels are displayed in using a 'drag and drop' system. Simply click on the dotted lines to the left of the label you want to reposition and drag the label into the new position in the list.

Editing a Label

  1. While in the same screen (above), click the "Edit Labels" link

  2. Click the pencil icon against the label you wish to edit.

  3. Edit the name and click the "Done" link.

Deleting a Label

All procedure documents that are assigned to a label must first be reassigned before it can be deleted. Once the label is empty of procedures, click the "Edit Labels" link and then click the "Trash Can" icon against the label you wish to remove. It is permanently deleted.

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