Browsing and Viewing Policies and Procedures
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There are several navigation tools on Way We Do that make it easy to browse through and view the policies and procedures in your company manual.

If you aren't already there upon log-in, click on 'Manual' in the Top Level Navigation Menu to enter the manual section (policies and procedures section) of the Way We Do Website.

Once there select a label to view.

In the label you have the option to view procedures as procedure cards or in a list. Procedures cards are shown by default. To change to the list view, click the list icon in the top right corner of the screen.


Procedure cards help you easily browse through your content by placing the important information upfront for you to see immediately.

Each procedure card contains:

  • A title - This is the title that was entered when the procedure was created.

  • A short description - This may be a snippet of the content, or a pre-written description.

  • Responsibilities Icon. This looks like a person. - The responsibilities icon shows how many people have been assigned to the procedure.

  • Labels Icon. This looks like a tag. - The labels icon shows how many labels have been assigned to the procedure.

  • Scheduled Tasks Icon. This looks like a clock. - the scheduled tasks icon shows how many tasks are scheduled for the procedure.


Open a policy or procedure by clicking on the procedure card.

Your company manual is arranged into sections according to the labels that have been assigned to the documents. Procedures may not be immediately visible on the screen because they have been assigned to a different section of the manual.

The various sections of the manual can be accessed by clicking the menu icon in the top left corner to open the Push Navigation Menu.

Select the desired section from the menu and the new procedure cards for that section will now be displayed.

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