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03. Team Training - The different content types

Training for your team to understand the different content types in Way We Do

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In Way We Do you'll come across different content types. These are the core ways in which your organization documents your policies, procedures, and processes.

Activated Checklists

Activated Checklists are how you document a process in Way We Do. They detail the steps required within a process and also include further instructions per step to give you greater clarity on what needs to be done.

The types of processes that can be documented in a checklist are varied. You can find operational processes, training, audits, and much more!

The checklist is designed to be 'activated', meaning you run the process, in what's called an 'instance'.

You can work on a checklist instance on your own, or you may be asked to collaborate with others on a checklist.

You'll find more detail on how to use the Activated Checklist in specific training.

Standalone Procedure

A Standalone Procedure is the other main content type in Way We Do. It's how your company documents things like policies, operating procedures, and reference guides.

Unlike a checklist, you don't need to 'do' anything to this content type. It's there for you to refer to the information, view any images, tables, diagrams, or access embedded media (like videos).

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