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10. Team Training - Email Notifications

Training for your team and the email notifications they'll receive

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Email notifications are a big part of what makes Way We Do a versatile and effective tool.

In Way We Do we have some instant email notifications for certain activities as well as a Daily Action Summary.

Daily Action Summary

Your Daily Action Summary is sent when you have activity to complete. It summarizes the following:

  • Processes I'm In: checklists that you have running and need to continue working on

  • Task Reminders: any tasks that you have due today

  • Acceptance Needed: any policy or procedure acceptances you need to perform

  • Sign-off Needed: any checklists you've been asked to sign-off on

If you have one or more activities from this list, you'll receive your Daily Action Summary. If you have nothing on this list, then you won't receive the email at all.

The Action Summary contains clickable links to take you directly to the relevant items within your Way We Do account.

Instant Email Notifications

There are some activities that happen in Way We Do that will send an instant email notification. These are:

  • Collaborator Invites: when you've been invited to an Activated Checklist, either by a colleague or via a Schedule

  • Supervisor Sign-Offs: when you've been invited to sign-off on a Checklist Instance

  • Password Reset: when you request to reset your password

Collaborator Invites

These will tell you who invited you and to what process. Select Help complete the checklist to go to the Checklist Instance in Way We Do

Supervisor Sign-Offs:

This will tell you who invited you to perform a sign-off and to what process. Select Approve the checklist now to go to the Checklist Instance in Way We Do

Password Reset:

Password reset emails are sent when you use the Forgot Password? link on the login page.

The email will contain a link to reset your password.

I don't receive the Daily Action Summary

If you don't receive the Action Summary, this may be because you don't have any activities to perform (it's only sent when you have things to do).

The other reason may be that your organization has chosen to turn off the Daily Action Summary.

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