"MailTo" templates in Way We Do

Instructions for adding in an email template in a procedure.

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As part of completing your process, you may find that you or your team members may need to send emails. You can create email templates for yourself or team members to use when sending out emails.

Creating your template

First, create your reference text within your procedure or activated checklist in Way We Do then highlight the text. Once you have highlighted the text, go to your edit toolbar and click on the link icon🔗. A dropdown menu will appear, click on the option "Create email link" icon ✉️ as shown in the image below.

In the pop-up window that appears, fill in the text boxes with your email template. This email template is what would be sent to your receivers.

The email template consists of;

  • To: the send who will receive the email. You can leave this box blank if you wish to, especially if your email template is for anyone. If you are sending this Template to a different recipient each time, leave this field blank, however, if this Template is being sent to the same person each time, enter their To email address details in this field.

  • Subject: the subject of the email

  • Body: the contents of the email.

Once you have created this item, click on the "Insert" button to add this template to your procedure. Then save your procedure, your reference text for your template will become an active hyperlink.

When you click on the link it will open the email in a new window, you also see 2 additional options:

  • The edit link icon (the pencil image) to make changes to your link displayed

  • The unlink icon (chain with a small x) to unlink the link from the reference text

Using your email template

Now that you have set up your template, it is now ready for you to use. Click on the reference text which holds your email template. A pop-up window will appear for your email client containing your email template.

Edit the template if you wish and then hit the send button.


Note: Ensure that you have set up the default email extensions for the email "MailTo" template to work. See our support article on how to setup default email clients for your browser.

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