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02. SOP Management
02. SOP Management

Explore SOP Management to learn how to create and optimize Standard Operating Procedures for operational excellence

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Involving Your Business Coach, Consultant and/or Trainer
Add Headings to your Policy or Procedure
How to Copy a Procedure
Add a New Procedure
Add new procedure using the "no template" option
Using the Basic Procedure Template
Browsing and Viewing Policies and Procedures
Edit Locking
Access and Install Marketplace Templates
Autosave Content
Adding Tasks to a Procedure
How to Add a Revision Date to a Procedure
Adding an Acceptance Request
Linking to an email address (Mailto templates) in Way We Do
Adding version numbers to your procedures
Why can't I add tasks, revision dates, or other criteria to my procedure while writing it?
How to Paste a Drawing into a Procedure
Editing and Linking Attachments That Are Hosted By A File Sharing Solution
Editing Attachments, Saving and Reattach To Procedure
Superscript & Subscript Short Cut Keys
How to add a quote to a procedure
Inserting a Loom Video in Way We Do
How to Make Videos Private to Your Company Manual
Activated Checklist Activity Title Settings
How to Attach Files and Link to them within your policy or procedure
Inserting PowerPoint and other presentations into your procedure
Inserting special characters and symbols into your procedure
Inserting a table into your procedure
Inserting an image (picture) into your procedure
Inserting video into your procedure
Embedding Attached PDFs into Procedures
Embedding Forms
Insert Flowcharts
Inserting PDF Documents
Use of Indention to Create Formatted Lists
Removing a Link
Linking To Another Procedure or External Website
Embed a Google Drawings Image
How Do I Change The Font In My Manual?
How to Insert Page Breaks in a Document
How to Restrict a Procedure and Keep it Private
Testing and Tweaking Your Operations Manual
Adding editing annotation
Editing already published procedures
Why Can't I Cut, Copy or Paste Using The Rich Text Editor?
Create Web-Based Image Files To Insert Into Documents
Can I bulk upload content from Word documents to my Way We Do manual?
Involving a Technical Writer
How do I center text?
How to Remove a User from Your Company Manual
Table of Contents (Jump Links - Anchor Links)
Inserting a YouTube Video into Way We Do
Inserting a Google Drive video into Way We Do
Inserting a SharePoint / Stream Video into Way We Do
Inserting a Vimeo Video into Way We Do

Can I restart or resume an Abandoned Checklist?
Change the role on the Responsibilities tab of an Activated Checklist?
Recognizing mandatory steps in a Checklist
Process Simulation for Activated Checklists
Add a Dependency to a Step of an Activated Checklist
Assign Roles to Activated Checklist Steps
Resume Checklist Instance
Activated Checklist Headings
How to Add Comments, Images (photos) and Attachments to Activated Checklists
What do the Colors and Symbols on the Checklist Activity page/tab mean?
How to Create, Edit and Publish an Activated Checklist
How do I add collaborators to an Activated Checklist Instance?
How to add steps in an Activated Checklist
Setting Conditions on Decision Points
On time, Overdue, Confirmed, & Unconfirmed statuses
Decision Points for Activated Checklists
Automated Schedules for Activated Checklist Instances
Adding & Editing Active Criteria
Scheduled Publishing
Supervisor Sign-off
How to add a Delay to an Activated Checklist
How do I add a procedure to a step in an Activated Checklist?
Retire or Delete a Procedure
Print a Procedure
Running an Activated Checklist Instance with a Due Date
Running an Activated Checklist Instance with an Event Step
Running an Activated Checklist Instance with a Delay Step
Editing Comments in an Activated Checklist Instance
Updating Checklist Instance Activity Titles
Print an Activated Checklist (with Instructions).
How do I review or Sign-off a completed Activated Checklist?
Should I delete or retire an Activated Checklist?
Why are Supervisors not receiving Activated Checklist Review emails?
How can I see who checked off an item in an Activated Checklist?
Editing already published Activated Checklists
Checklist Instance Search and Due Dates
Expand Activated Checklist to Fullscreen and Sync Instruction Panel to each Step
How do I save my Activated Checklist and come back to finish it later?
How to add an Event Step to an Activated Checklist
How do I view my team’s Activated Checklists in progress?
Start URL's for QR Codes & NFC Tags
Why can't I find Activated Checklist instances that my team has completed?
Checklists Daily Reminder Email
Insert a step below or above another in an Activated Checklist
Drag & drop multiple steps in an Activated Checklist
Duplicate an Activated Checklist step
Using Tokens in Way We Do
Master the Art of Activated Checklists
How to add a Due Date to an Activated Checklist