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Assign Names to Roles on the Organization (Structure) Chart
Assign Names to Roles on the Organization (Structure) Chart
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Assigning names to roles on the company organisation chart is a great way to add clarity and structure to the chart. There is not a way to assign names directly into the organisation chart. Instead, roles are assigned through the user management system.

To begin, navigate to the User Management screen. Click the person icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Click Account to open the User Management Screen. This screen will list the current users along with their Security Roles (user permissions), email address and the date they last logged in. From here you can add a new user and assign them to a role, or you can assign current users to roles.

Add a New User and Assign them to a Role

Click Add New in the top right of the User Management screen to add a new user.

A new screen will appear. Fill in the information for the new user including

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email Address

  • Time Zone

  • Editing Role - This is the permission level for the user.

  • Responsibilities - This is where you select the roles that the user will be assigned to. The chosen responsibilities will be marked on the organisation chart.

  • Add a Message (optional)

Click Invite User to save your changes.

Note: Adding new users may increase the monthly subscription cost of your account, depending on your plan.

Assign Current Users to Roles on the Organisation Chart

To add a current user to a role, begin by clicking on the user's name in the User Management Screen. A new box will open that shows the user's details. Assign roles to the user by clicking the desired roles in the Responsibilities box. Click Update Details to save your changes.

Editing the roles of current users will not change the cost of your monthly subscription account.

Viewing Assigned Roles

Once users have been assigned to roles they will appear in the organisation chart. Roles that have names assigned to them will show a person icon on them. Hover over this icon to view the name of the user assigned to the role.

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