Creating an organization (organisation) chart

Instructions for creating an organizational chart in Way We Do

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The creation of an Operations Manual starts with the roles and responsibilities within your business or organization. This even includes the roles where people wear more than one hat!

In Way We Do, you can achieve this within the Structure section. Completing your organizational chart is an important activity as it impacts how other features in Way We Do will work, so we recommend this is one of the first things you do when setting up your account.

Structure Overview


Creating an organization chart within Way We Do is very easy. To create one, follow these instructions.

  • Click on Structure

  • There will be a default role positioned at the top of the hierarchy. You can change the role name by clicking on the name itself, hit enter on your keyboard to confirm your changes

  • To add a new role underneath an existing role, click the + icon on the bottom left of the role tile

  • To remove a role, click the dotted line icon

  • Then choose delete​

Create Multiple Organization Charts

Some business structures, such as franchises, are best represented using multiple org charts. Add additional org charts easily with the following instructions:

  • Click the arrow to the left of the Organization Chart title to open the titles menu. This is also how you will access other org charts in the future

  • Click +Add New Chart

  • The new chart will have a default title of Untitled Structure. Select it to rename it, then hit enter on your keyboard to confirm

  • Continue to build your new chart based on the above instructions

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