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You can easily edit the role descriptions in your organisation chart.

1. To begin, click “Structure” in the top navigation menu to access the organisation chart. You are now in the Company Structure section of Way We Do.


2. Click on the edit icon on the top left of the box of the role that you wish to edit. (Encircled above)

Another option is to Click on the menu icon in the top left corner to access the menu of roles.


3. Select the role you would like to edit.

4. Select the pencil icon to edit the role description.


5. Make your edits using the easy editor provided within Way We Do. The template offers these helpful categories for your description:

  • Reports to

  • Department

  • Summary of Position

  • Duties and Responsibilities

  • Qualifications

  • Experience

  • Skills

  • Physical Requirements

  • Location

  • Travel Requirements

  • Type of Employment

All of the description categories are optional and can be deleted if not needed.

6. Be sure to click “Save”, located at the top of the page, before navigating away from the document to avoid losing the updates you have made.

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