Edit Role Descriptions

Instructions for editing role descriptions

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You can easily edit the role descriptions in your organization chart.

  • To begin, click Structure in the top navigation menu to access the organization chart.

  • Click on the link icon on the top left of the role that you wish to edit

  • Another option is to click on the menu icon in the top left corner, then choose Company Roles to access a list of roles, then select the role you would like to edit

  • Select the role you would like to edit

  • Select the pencil icon to edit the role description

  • Make your edits using the easy editor provided within Way We Do. The template offers these helpful categories for your description:

    • Reports to

    • Department

    • Summary of Position

    • Duties and Responsibilities

    • Qualifications

    • Experience

    • Skills

    • Physical Requirements

    • Location

    • Travel Requirements

    • Type of Employment

  • All of the description categories are optional and can be deleted if not needed

  • Click Save before navigating away from the document to avoid losing the updates you have made

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