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Checklist Instance Report and CSV Export
Checklist Instance Report and CSV Export
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To assist in management and record keeping, Way We Do makes it easy to view, download and print a full instance report for each Activated Checklist in your manual, as well as exporting the activity data in a CSV file.

  1. Navigate to the Reports section of your Way We Do manual by clicking "Reports" in the top navigation menu

  2. Click the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen, then click "Checklist Instance" in the menu to open a list of Activated Checklists. It will be the first report section displayed.

  3. The Activated Checklists list shows the titles of each checklist in your manual, and the number of instances each checklist has. You can search for the Activated Checklist you would like to see an Instance Report for by clicking the search icon in the top right corner. Clicking the title of the checklist will take you directly to the checklist in your manual. Click the Instances number next to any title to see the instances list for that checklist.


Generate a Checklist Instance PDF Report

  1. This list shows each Activated Checklist "Instance", and includes the date and time the checklist was activated, the name of the person who activated the checklist, and the title that was given to the instance.


  2. To generate a PDF report of the instance, the select one or more instances by using the checkboxes. You are able to conduct a Search to list filter the checklist instances further. Click the "Create Report" button to generate the PDF file and enter a Report Title.


  3. Each report that is generated can be downloaded by clicking the Download button for that report.


  4. The report screen shows every action that was performed in the Activated Checklist Instance. The report header shows the title of the instance, the collaborators that participated in the process, who started the process, who completed it, the supervisor sign-off received, and the total duration time. If a due date, delay, or event was included then details of this are captured in the Estimated and Variance fields in the table.

  5. It also includes activity data for each step of the process, along with the name of the person who completed it, time and data stamp for each, comments and photos that were added. If the step had a due date, delay, or event on it, details of this are captured in the Estimated and Variance fields in the table. Any changes to due dates & times are detailed under Activity.

    NOTE: File attachments added to steps in Activated Checklists will not be printed as part of the report. The attachment titles will be included, but attached files must be opened, viewed and printed individually.

Export the Checklist Instance Activity as a CSV File

  1. In addition to generating PDF reports, the Checklist Instance activity data can be downloaded as a CSV file by clicking on the Instance Title.

  2. The Activity list is displayed and shows data for each activity and action taken in the process. To download this data, click on the CSV button and file will be generated.


Receive Checklist Instance Activity Data Automatically

The activity data from the Activated Checklist Instance can be sent to a 3rd party application automatically by using the integrations available with Way We Do. Examples include sending the list to email, Microsoft Power BI or another analytics tool, or a communication tool such as Microsoft Teams or Slack. To learn more about this, contact our support team or register for Way We Do's Automation Basics webinar.

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