There are several ways to search and find an Activated Checklist Instance or running processes including:

  • from your dashboard to view your own active checklist instances

  • by conducting an Instance Search via the search field from the dashboard

  • from the Activity Tab available from the Master Activated Checklist / Master Process

Accessing Activated Checklist Instances from the Dashboard

You can use the Search function to quickly locate a specific Activated Checklist Instance from your dashboard.

1. To begin, click the View All link in the bottom right corner of the Checklists tab on the dashboard.


2. Click the magnifying glass icon to the top right of the list to open the search box.


3. Type the word or phrase you want to search for and hit the Enter button on your keyboard.

4. All Activated Checklist Instances that match the search term will be displayed.

Conducting an Instance Search via the Search Field from the Dashboard

1. Change the search type to instances by selecting the drop down on the left hand side of the search field.

2. Select "Instances"


3. Enter in keywords that relate to your instances search

4. Use the filters to refine your search further


View the Activity Tab of a Master Activated Checklist / Master Process

1. Go to Master Activated Checklist / Master Process


2. Click on the "Activity" tab

3. If you are an administrator, click on "My Activity" or "All Activity"

4. Click on the instance that is required

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