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How to Start and Use an Activated Checklist
How to Start and Use an Activated Checklist
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When you first open a checklist by clicking an email link or procedure card, the checklist will appear in its entirety, with no checkboxes showing. Checklists are designed to be activated and used again and again by multiple team members without changing the checklist itself. What is shown initially is the checklist preview - all the steps are listed but you are unable to mark off the steps from this screen.


In order to use the checklist, the user will need to activate the checklist by creating a new checklist Instance. The following steps will guide you through starting and using an activated checklist.

Step 1: Start a New Activated Checklist Instance

Each time the checklist is initiated and used by a team member, it is an Instance. The Instance records the activity and changes made at that time while maintaining the framework of the original blank checklist so it can be used again.

1. To create a new checklist Instance, simply click the Run checklist (Play) button at the top right of the main checklist screen. It is the blue button with a triangle on it.

2. You will be redirected to a "Run Instance" page where you will enter the title of your checklist instance, assign collaborators and select when collaborator invites should be sent. If the checklist has an Event Step configured you may also need to review the Event Dates.


3. Click the "Start" button to initiate the checklist instance and begin using the checklist.

You can also run the checklist by clicking the run checklist button from the procedure card. Screenshot below


Step 2: Using the Activated Checklist

Once a new instance has been created, the checkboxes will be displayed immediately with the instruction panel containing additional information on how to complete the step.


When you are finished viewing the instructions, you can close the panel by clicking the red X in the top right corner, or by clicking the arrow again.


When you have completed a step in the checklist, click the box next to the step to mark it as completed. Your activity will be recorded and tracked within the Activated Checklist Instance.


Step 3: Adding More Collaborators to an Active Checklist Instance

Many Activated Checklist instances will require more than one team member to complete. This is why Way We Do allows you to add collaborators to each individual instance. Although collaborators are added prior to starting the checklist, you may want to add more collaborators to your checklist instance.

1. Navigate to the checklist instance you would like to add a collaborator to.

2. Click the "Add a Collaborator" icon in the top right corner. It is the one that looks like a person with a plus sign.

3. Click the name of the desired team member from the pop-up list. If you would prefer to add a role as a collaborator, then click on the include roles button to see roles in your account. A confirmation message will appear on the screen and an invitation email will be sent to the chosen collaborator.


Step 4: Closing a Checklist Instance and Returning to it Later

Some checklists have steps that are completed over a number of days. In this case, you can close a checklist and return to it later to resume your progress.

To return to an Activated Checklist Instance, click the Activity button at the top left of the main checklist screen. Then locate the Instance you would like to continue in the activity list, and click the Resume button to the right of the Instance title. You will be returned to the Activated Checklist Instance and may resume your progress.


You can also resume a checklist instance, by selecting the required checklist from the checklist steps tab on your dashboard.


Step 5: Finishing a Checklist Instance

Activated Checklist Instances are automatically marked as complete once all steps have been checked off.

To finish a checklist early without completing all the steps, you must abandon the checklist Instance by clicking the Finish button in the top right corner.


Users who abandon checklists before they are complete are required to provide a reason why the checklist can not be completed. After clicking the Finish button, enter the explanation into the box provided and click Abandon. The reason provided will be recorded as part of the permanent checklist activity.


Understanding the Activity Page

Checklist Instances that are still in progress have a progress bar and a Resume button.

Completed instances will be marked with a full green progress bar and a checkmark on the Activity page.

If the checklist instance requires Supervisor Sign-off, it will feature a full orange progress bar and a resume button.

Abandoned checklists are shown with a full red progress bar and a stop button.



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