Updating Checklist Instance Activity Titles
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If you have made a typo on your checklist instance activity title or used the wrong activity title, you can edit this and make changes as required.

To do;

  1. Click on then open (or still active) checklist instance you wish to edit the activity title to open the checklist instance.
    *Note: You can find an active checklist instance on your dashboard or from the activity tab of your checklist.

  2. Click on the current checklist title for your checklist. This will become highlighted. You can now enter the new activity title for your checklist instance. If you are after a partial edit, you can also place your cursor where you would like to update the checklist from, and enter the required changes.


All collaborators within a Checklist Instance can edit the title, however, you may wish for this feature to be available to all users in your Way We Do account. If this is the case or if you have decided not to have this feature enabled, please let us know via support@waywedo.com and we’ll disable it for your account.

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