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Can I bulk upload content from Word documents to my Way We Do manual?
Can I bulk upload content from Word documents to my Way We Do manual?
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Due to the complex nature of this process, there is no ready made system for users to bulk upload manuals that are housed in Word documents or other text editors. For small manuals and single documents, the best method of importing documents is to cut and paste the content into Way We Do.

In the case of large manuals where the cut and paste method is too time consuming or prohibitive, the Way We Do team is available to programmatically upload the documents.

As it is a time consuming process, and is not included as a standard part of Way We Do subscription packages, a separate fee is charged for this service.

If you need assistance uploading your manual, contact us at to provide us with a copy of your manual and request a price quote for this service.

Important Notes:

Documents uploaded programmatically are generally only 90% accurate after uploading. Although most images will upload correctly, some image files will not. Additionally, special content formats, such as tables, are not automatically reproduced during the uploading process.

In order to ensure that everything in the manual is entered correctly, a Way We Do Content Specialist will go through the manual after uploading is complete to correct any inaccuracies and manually insert special formatting. Please allow time for this process when you are estimating launch goal dates for the manual.

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