Email notifications are a big part of what makes Way We Do a versatile and effective tool. Due to the necessity of these notifications, there is no way to turn email notifications off at the user level. However, it is possible to manage email notifications in a way that will reduce the amount of unwanted email while increasing the effectiveness of the system.

There are three types of email notifications that users may receive from Way We Do. They are revision reminders, task reminders, and acceptance requests. Each type of notification is managed separately.

Revision Reminders

Revision Reminders help you remember to continually revise policies and procedures. These reminders are set by administrators and can be changed or removed at any time. To stop revision reminders, simply log into the policy or procedure attached to the reminder and change or remove the revision date. For full instructions, refer to How to Stop Revision Reminders.

Task Reminders

Task Reminders are used to assign specific tasks to specific individuals on a scheduled date, or at regular intervals. Tasks are assigned by administrators and must be managed at the same level. Task reminders can be changed or stopped at any time, provided the person making the changes has the correct level of user access to the Way We Do system.

Any user who wishes to stop receiving task reminder emails must contact the administrator who assigned the task and ask them to make the requested changes. For complete instructions on changing the frequency of task reminders, or stopping them altogether, refer to How to Stop Task Reminder Emails.

Acceptance Requests

Acceptance Requests are sent when an administrator has requested that each team member be required to formally sign-off that they have acknowledged and read a specific policy or procedure.

To stop acceptance request emails at a user level, simply click the link in the email to go to the procedure that requires acceptance. Read through the procedure, and then click the “click here” link in the orange bar at the top of the page.

Sometimes you will receive an acceptance request email for a policy or procedure that you have already accepted. When this happens it means that the administrator has assigned repeat acceptance for the procedure. You will need to read and accept the procedure at the requested frequency.

If you wish to stop receiving these emails, or feel that the frequency of acceptance request emails is too high, speak to the administrator who set the request.

For more information on acceptance requests, read Adding an Acceptance Request.

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