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About Way We Do - Our Story
About Way We Do - Our Story
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Way We Do is a subsidiary of Keyword Intent Pty. Ltd., which is a company based in Brisbane, Australia. Keyword Intent is owned by Dan Sergeant, Technical Director, and Jacqui Jones, Managing Director.

The idea for Way We Do came while Jacqui and Dan were creating policies and procedures to systemise operations for Keyword Intent. They were adding team members to the business and wanted to create an easy workflow for the new team.

While working through this process, they discovered that the tools available on the market did not fully satisfy the needs of the growing business. Many of the available tools were outdated, or offered difficult user interfaces. Since they had vast experience in the internet industry, and they were familiar with current technologies and tools, they decided to use what they knew to create a great user experience for their team.

At this time, Jacqui and Dan were participating in the Turnkey Program at the National College of Business with nine other businesses. They observed that the other business owners in their program were also struggling to write their policies and procedures, and using many different tools such as pen and paper, Evernote and Power Point. Although these were good tools, Dan and Jacqui realised that going about the process that way would not help them create an entire operations manual; especially not one that could be easily shared with and used by an entire team.

They created the first version of Way We Do, put it online, and immediately began attracting other business owners from Australia and around the world. Initial feedback for the program was very positive, with business owners expressing that they had been searching for software like Way We Do for several years.

Since that time, Way We Do has continually been improved based on feedback from business owners who use the system. Many new modules and functions have been added, and even more improvements are on the way.

Today, Way We Do is experiencing continual growth, and is already used in nine countries, with most of the customers coming from the USA, the UK, and Australia.

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