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Checklist Matrix Report
Checklist Matrix Report

Create a report on Activated Checklist completion for specific team members and roles

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Administrators can create and view a matrix report for Activated Checklists within Way We Do. The Checklist Matrix makes it possible for Administrators to easily track checklist completion rates for team members.

You'll need to request for this feature to be turned on in your Way We Do account. Send a message to requesting the Checklist Matrix to be enabled.

Create a Checklist Matrix

The Checklist Matrix is created in the Reports section of your Way We Do account.

In the push navigation, select the Checklist Matrix option

Select Add New to create a new matrix

You'll now format the report. Items marked with an asterisk* are mandatory. Some of the fields will use Way We Do's predictive search, which'll display options for you to select from. These fields have "Start typing" in them.

  • Title: give your report a name

  • Description: provide a helpful description for what this matrix is reporting on

  • Checklists: add the checklist(s) you'd like to report on

  • Team Members: add specific team to the matrix by searching their name

  • Company Roles: add entire roles to the report by searching the role title

  • Stalled Indicator: how many days must an active checklist have remained in an un-progressed state before it shows as "stalled". For example, if you enter 2, any checklist not progressed for two days will be marked as "stalled"

  • Completion Indicator: set an acceptable completion rate for all checklist instances completed. For example, if you set the completion indicator at 50%, then if all instances have progressed beyond the 50% mark, the indicator will show as a "pass" on the matrix report (more details below)

  • Group By Label: if you would like checklist grouped by the label they appear in, toggle this to Yes. If not, toggle this to No

Note: Team Members and Company Roles are not marked as mandatory, however, you will not be able to save the report until at least one of these fields is completed

Click Save Report to save the matrix.

Viewing the Checklist Matrix

Once you've saved the report, it will display on the Checklist Matrix reports page. Select it to view the matrix.

Once you've select to view the report, the matrix will display

The rows (horizontal) will display the team members name, their role, their individual total completion rate, and then their completion rate per checklist selected.

The columns (vertical) on the right hand side show the checklist name (grouped by label if selected).

The percentage figure in the top left of the report is the percentage of all checklist instances that have been completed. This will be red if the percentage is lower than what was entered in the Completion Indicator field. It will show as green if the percentage is higher than what was entered in the Completion Indicator field, indicating a "pass".

Understanding the report

When viewing a team members completion, there is specific terminology, coupled with color coding, to help you understand the content of the matrix.

  • Completed [date]: this indicates the checklist is complete and will show as a dark green color

  • In progress [X%]: this indicates that the checklist is currently being completed and the percentage represents how far it has progressed. This shows as a light green color

  • Abandoned: indicates that the team member has abandoned the most recent instance of the checklist and shows as dark red

  • Overdue: when the checklist has a due date and the checklist is confirmed as being overdue. This will show as a bright red color

  • Stalled: indicates that the checklist has not progressed for x number of days, or more. This is calculated based on what you enter in the Stalled Indicator field. This shows as yellow

  • No instance run: means that there is no recent instance of that checklist for the team member and shows as a grey color

Exporting the Checklist Matrix

Checklist Matrix reports can also be exported. These are produced in downloadable Excel spreadsheets on whichever device you're using. First click on the report you'd like to export to go to the viewing screen and then click on the "Export" button at the top of the page.

A pop-up window will appear to show your export being prepared and once it's ready a download button will appear on the pop-up which you can click on to download your spreadsheet.

Editing and Deleting a Checklist Matrix

You can edit an existing matrix by selecting the Edit button. This will open up the same screen that you see when you're first creating the matrix.

If you no longer require a matrix, if can be deleted from Way We Do by clicking the Remove button.

Grouping by labels & percentage calculation

If you select to group the checklist by labels and a checklist included on the report sits in multiple labels, you'll see the checklist duplicated on the report i.e. it will show for each label it is assigned to.

This does not impact the total percentage calculations, the completion rates for that checklist will only be used once.

If you have any questions about the Checklist Matrix report, send us a message on

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