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Instructions for using our Ad Hoc Task template

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An Ad Hoc task is a task that can't be planned and has to be performed as the need arises. The nature of these tasks can vary significantly based on the project or business scenario.

Whether this task is delegated (this is the ideal scenario) or worked by yourself, the objective is to complete it as soon as possible, however, consider the following points when creating or working on it:

  1. What is the real urgency of the request? You may already be working on something important and urgent. Having clarity on the urgency of the task will help you to balance your current workload.

  2. Consider your resource capacity: If unable to work on the Ad Hoc task by yourself, it can be delegated. Check the capacity of your resources.

  3. Assess the risks: What happens if the completion of the Ad Hoc task is delayed. On the other hand, what happens if the programmed tasks are delayed.

    Asking these questions will help you prioritize.

A great way to start is to check out our Ad Hoc Task Template located in the Manual section of your Dashboard under "Create your Own".

Customize the template based on your needs following the guidelines below:

  • Add a name to the template, it could be "Urgent task" or as the name states "Ad hoc task". Additionally, provide instructions of when and why this template should be use and how to start an instance of the Activated Checklist.

  • Assign this task to be completed by a collaborator by creating an instance of an Activated Checklist

    1. Activity Title: Name of the task

    2. Collaborators: Assign the person who will complete the task

    3. Change the "Send Invites" value to Immediately.

    4. Set up a Due Date

  • The collaborator will receive a notification to start working on the checklist

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