Duplicate an Activated Checklist step

Instructions for duplicating a step in an Activated Checklist

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Some processes might need a step to be present multiple times in an Activated Checklist. Use the Duplicate Step feature to make an exact copy of an existing checklist.


  • Once in the Activated Checklist, click the step you need to duplicate, and select the ellipsis (3 dots). It will show "More Actions" when you hover your cursor over it

  • When you click on the ellipsis, the menu is displayed, you can now click on the option "Duplicate Step".

  • This generates a duplicate step below the one originally selected

  • If needed the step can be moved by hovering your cursor to the left side of the step over the double dotted line, when the cursor shifts to a hand-like icon, click and hold your mouse button and move the step to the location where you need it to be

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