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Running an Activated Checklist Instance with a Delay Step
Running an Activated Checklist Instance with a Delay Step

Instructions for running an Activated Checklist that has a Delay Step in it.

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Running a checklist instance for an Activated Checklist with a Delay Step is completed in the same way that you run a standard Activated Checklist.

A Delay can never become overdue, it will always be on time, because it's a point in time and it self completes. A person cannot complete a Delay, however, they can extend or shorten it if the Delay step has been formatted to allow the collaborator to modify the "delay for" period.

Select the Play button, name your instance in the Activity Title field, add Collaborators if required, select when to Send Invites, then select Start.


Step(s) with a delay will show with the hourglass symbol against them


If the delay is set from the Start of the checklist

When the delay is set to begin as the checklist is started, the delay period is confirmed and will begin immediately.

If the delay is based on another step being completed first

When the delay is set to begin when another step has been completed, the delay is not confirmed until the relevant step has been completed. Instead it will say it's waiting to be confirmed, see below screenshot.

Viewing a delay step

When a delay is confirmed, you will see a dark green vertical line against the delay step, as well as an On Time indicator at the top of the checklist.


Select the step to see the delay period and when the step is due to be completed. You will not be able to progress the checklist until this date & time has been reached. Note: if you are using Work Hours, then there will be a "shovel" icon, to indicate that the time period has been adjusted to allow for this. Hover your mouse over the icon for an explanation of what it means.

Select the arrow next to Step Auto Completes to expand the date selector. If it is greyed out, like the below screenshot, then you are unable to change this delay.

If the date selector is white, like the below screenshot, then you are able to change this delay.

Select the calendar icon to amend the date and time.

You can view changes to the due within time period by clicking the edit link. There will always be at least 1 edit as this refers to the initial calculation of the due within time. If it shows more than 1 edit, selecting this will show who made the edit and when. The presence of the silhouette icon indicates the change was made by a person; no silhouette means that Way We Do initiated the edit.

Once the delay period has passed the step will automatically be checked off and you can continue the checklist.


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