Setting Conditions on Decision Points
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Adding a Decision Point to an Activated Checklist lets you set predetermined options or pathways for when a process is being completed.

This is done by setting conditions and assigning which steps will be revealed based on the selection made.

Follow the below steps to set conditions on a checklist.

1. Add your Decision Point step


2. Select the step to open the instruction panel and enter your Conditions


3. To assign the steps that will be revealed, select Assign next to the Condition

4. There are two options for finding the steps you would like to assign. You can use the Search field or you can scroll and select

5. As you select steps they will be highlighted in blue and the "items selected" counter will increase


6. Select the "items selected" counter to view all of the steps you have chosen. From here you can delete the step from the condition by selecting the trash can icon. Click "Back to search" to return


7. Once you're happy with your selections, click the blue Assign button to confirm

8. The Condition will then show that you have assigned steps and how many have been selected


9. When viewing the checklist in any status, i.e. Draft, Pending Review, or Published, you will be able to see which steps have been assigned as Conditions by looking for the eye symbol

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