How to add steps in an Activated Checklist
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To add a new step to your Activated Checklist, simply enter the step title, select the step type and hit the "Enter" key on your keyboard. This will open a new step, and your cursor will automatically move to the new step.

The 'Add Step' line allows you to do five things;

1. Activity Step: which adds a new step to your checklist


2. Heading: which adds a heading to your checklist. This helps to group process steps together


3. Decision Point: lets you add predetermined options or pathways for when a process is being completed


4. Delay Step: adds a delay, which acts like a pause between steps of a process


5. Event Step: which enables you to countdown to a specific date & time


See our support articles on Adding decision points and Adding headings to your activated checklist for more information.

The 'Add Step' line will not show in the finished checklist if no information is entered.


If you feel the step needs to be at a different place in the checklist, say for instance at the start, you can click on the step once you've added it. Then click on the two lines at the front of the step. Drag the step to where you want it to be and drop the step.

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