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To make use of the email template link in Way We Do, you will need to ensure that your email client has been set to the default company email platform. See the following links below for more guidance on how to set up a default email account.

1. Google

Click on the Menu button on your chrome browser and then click on Settings. Once on Settings, click on the 'Privacy and Security' tab, then click on 'Site Settings'. Scroll down to 'Handlers' and then turn on default handler's permission.

Next, open your Gmail in a new tab. A pop-up will appear asking you to 'Allow handlers for your Gmail', click on allow.

*If you are using a PC, the settings app for your default apps will open up on your desktop. Click on Mail and then select Google Chrome as the default email browser for your emails from the drop-down menu.

*If you are using Gmail on Internet Explorer, you will need to add the Gmail extension to your internet explorer toolbar.

2. Mozilla Firefox

Click on the menu icon on the browser, and select Options. Click on the General tab and then search for Mailto content type. Select your default email account and follow any required prompts.

3. Microsoft

Ensure that you are signed in to your Outlook email account using the Mail app on your desktop. Search for the "Settings" app on your desktop, once that is opened, click on Apps. Then click on the default apps tab, then click on Mail to select your default email client by following the prompts.

*If you are using a Mac, you need to ensure that Microsoft Outlook app is already installed and set up as the default mail app on Apple Mail.

4. Mac and Apple devices

Launch the Mail app on your device and click on Preferences in the Mail menu. Follow the required prompts.

You may be required to install your email extension if you do not use Apple Mail.

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