Start URL's for QR Codes & NFC Tags

Create a Start URL to be inserted in to QR Codes and / or NFC Tags

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You can generate a Start URL for use with QR Code or NFC Tag solutions. Note: this feature is not switched on in your account by default, email us to request for it be activated via

You can then use the QR Code label or NFC Tag on real world objects to run Activated Checklist Instances and insert the Activity Title automatically.

To create the Start URL, head to an Activated Checklist and select the Settings icon.

Click the Start URL tab. The URL will automatically generate as you type in an Activity Title.

You can you can use Tokens to prefill information by clicking +Add token to the default value

Once you've entered the content for your activity title, you can copy the URL for use with your chosen QR Code or NFC Tag solution.

Note: a quick Google search will help you to find a QR Code generator, most of these are free of charger

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