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The creation of an Operations Manual starts with the roles and responsibilities within your business or organisation. This even includes the roles where people wear more than one hat!

For example, if you are the Managing Director of your business and you also do the finances, you would create another role called Finance Manager or Bookkeeper that reports to the MD. It could be that today that you are performing the two roles, but eventually, you may want to hire others who can step in take one of those roles off your hands.

Also consider roles that you would outsource to be included within your Organisation Chart.

For example, you may never have the intention of employing a full-time IT Manager. Your intention could be to outsource this function to a 3rd party IT consultant or business. Even though the IT consultant is not employed by you, they perform an important function in your business and could be added as a role within your company structure.

Look towards the future. How do you see the structure of your business or organisation within the next 12-24 months? What are the functions within your business during this time frame? Base your organisation chart around this vision that you have in your mind. Don't forget to share this organisation chart with your management team, mastermind group or coach to get their feedback.

Creating an organisation chart within Way We Do is very easy. To create one, follow these instructions...

  1. Log into your account on Way We Do

  2. Click on "Structure"

  3. The "Managing Director" is positioned at the top of the communication hierarchy. You can change the role name by clicking on the name itself. Other names such as CEO, Manager or General Manager could be used.

  4. To add a new role under the Managing Director role, click the "+" icon.

  5. To edit a role description, click the link icon to open the description page.

  6. To remove a role, click the dotted line icon , then choose delete


Create Multiple Organization Charts

Some business structures, such as franchises, are best represented using multiple org charts. Add additional org charts easily with the following instructions:

  1. Click the arrow to the left of the Organization Chart title to open the titles menu. (clicking the titles in this menu will take you to that org chart selected.)

  2. Click +Add New Chart.

  3. Assign a title to the new chart and build it the same way as previous charts.

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