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Way We Do provides role description templates for you to create position descriptions for each role within your business or organization. When you create roles within the Organization Chart under "Structure" within Way We Do, a role description page is automatically created and are found within the left hand sub-navigation menu.

Items to consider when creating role descriptions:

  • Reporting line - the title of the person the role reports to.

  • Department - the name of the department in which the role fits within the organization chart. If you do not have roles within your business or organization, simply remove it.

  • Duties and Responsibilities - the essential functions of the position.

  • Other Duties and Responsibilities - list other duties that are performed occasionally.

  • Qualifications - the level of education and training required for the position.

  • Experience - the minimum level of experience required.

  • Skills - the specific skills required for the position.

  • Physical Requirements - the specific abilities that is required for the position.

  • Location - where the position is located.

  • Travel Requirements - include the percentage of time the role is required to travel and where the role is required to travel to.

  • Type of Employment - full time, part-time, contract or casual.

  • Other - other items that are required for the role to meet business or organization needs.

To edit or view a role description, simply click the sub-navigation icon in the top left hand corner and then click on the name of the position. You will see a standard template for the role.

To edit the role description, click the "pencil" button.

Select the Assigned Users button to view the roles assigned to this role description.

Click the "Print" button to create a PDF print of the role description.


You can also edit the job description by clicking the paperclip icon (screenshot below)

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