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Role description templates give you the ability to create a uniform look for role descriptions without having to type and format the same information over and over. Way We Do provides a ready made template for you to use, or you can create your own using the editing tools.

Create a New Role Description Template

To begin, click “Structure” in the top navigation menu to access the organisation chart. You are now in the Company Structure section of Way We Do.


2. Click on the edit icon on the top left of the box of the role that you wish to edit. (Encircled above)

Another option is to Click on the menu icon in the top left corner to access the menu of roles.


3. Select the role you would like to edit.

4. Select the pencil icon to edit the role description.


5. Edit the role description as needed and click the Save as template icon in the editing tools.

It is the one that looks like an arrow pointing downward to a box.


Write a title and description for the new template and click 'Save' to save your changes. The new template will now be available for use each time you create a new role description.


For more information on role descriptions see:

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