Procedure Card Colors
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In addition to Procedure Card Images, you are able to add colors to easily differentiate between procedure types. For example, a cafe or restaurant could have all of their cleaning procedure cards in "pink", and equipment temperature checking processes in "blue".

Procedure Card Colors will help your team to easily recognize the procedure they are searching for.

Add Color

Adding colors to procedure cards is easy. Follow these simple instructions to get started.

1. Click on the "Edit" button


2. Click on the "Color Palette" icon


3. Click on a predefined color

4. OR enter in a hex color using the hash symbol at the beginning e.g. #4bacc6

The hex color can match your brand colors exactly. If you don't know your hex color, contact our support team along with your logo or other image, and we will tell you what that is.

5. Click "Confirm" and you're finished!


Adding colors to your procedures cards makes your Way We Do policies, procedures and processes come to life. See the before and after example below.


Remove Color

Colors can be removed by clicking on the "Remove background" function while editing the Procedure Card.

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