Procedure cards help you navigate through your manual and find the information you are looking for. You can easily customize the appearance of your procedure cards to extend company branding while adding more creative visual elements to your manual. Begin by clicking the Gear Icon in the bottom left corner of the card.


Once in the procedure card editing screen, you may type a new title and description, and add an image.

Title - The procedure title is automatically added from the title provided on the policy or procedure. You can change the title on the procedure card without affecting the way the title appears in the actual policy or procedure.

Description - The description for the procedure card is automatically taken from the first paragraph written in the procedure. You can edit this description to better represent the information inside without affecting any of the original content in the policy or procedure.

Image - You can further customize the procedure card by adding a background image. Adding an image not only looks great, but it will also help your team members to quickly identify specific categories or procedures that they are looking for. Uploaded images will automatically be resized and optimized to ensure they load quickly, but there are minimum and maximum limits that apply. When selecting images, please refer to the following information:

  • Recommended image size is 345px by 205px

  • Images must be .jpeg, .gif, or .png

  • Minimum image size is 270px by 205px

  • Maximum file size is 1MB


Adding an Image

1. To add an image to the procedure card, simply click the Image Icon in the bottom left corner of the editing screen (the one that looks like a picture.)

2. After clicking the Image Icon, you will have the option to use a previously uploaded image, or upload a new one from your computer. To reuse an image, select the Choose tab, then click the image you wish to select. To upload a new image, select the Upload tab, then either drag the image into the box, or click Browse to open your file selector.


3. Click the Save button to save the image.


The procedure card will now show the image, title and description you chose.


Procedure Card Image Transparency

You can further customize the look of your procedure cards by adjusting the title and description box from solid to transparent. To change the transparency, click the Transparency Icon in the editing screen (the one that looks like a box with slanted lines in it.)


Delete a Procedure Card Image

To delete the image from a procedure card, simply click the Delete Icon in the procedure card editing screen (the one that looks like a circle with a line through it.)

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