Why haven't I received the email to reset my password?
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If you have submitted a password reset request, but do not receive the email, it is most likely due to one of the following reasons:

Emails Going To Spam Box

We recommend you view your spam box to ensure the Way We Do notification emails have not been sent there by accident.

To ensure that Way We Do's emails are not seen as spam by Internet Service Providers or your internal spam scanners, simply add the email address "support@waywedo.com" to your address book in your email management software.

Incorrect Email Address

If your email address has changed, or if your account was set up by a supervisor or other third party, it is possible that your password reset email was sent to the wrong email address. If you are unsure if your Way We Do details are correct, ask a manager to confirm the email address on file. To view or change your email address, see How to Change Your Email Address.

If the email address for your account is correct and the email is not found in your spam box, contact us at support@waywedo.com for further assistance.

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