There could be a few areas to investigate to find out why Supervisors are not receiving review emails from Way We Do's Activated Checklists. These include:

Emails Going To Spam Box

We recommend you view your spam box to ensure the Way We Do notification emails have not been sent there by accident.

To ensure that Way We Do's emails are not seen as spam by Internet Service Providers or your internal spam scanners, simply add the email address "" to your address book in your email management software.

Supervisor Selection

We also recommend you review the role that has been assigned to the Supervisor Sign-off function. If there are multiple people who are assigned to that role, each team member will choose the person that is most relevant to them.

It is best to speak with each person who is assigned to the role that is associated with the Supervisor Sign-off function to confirm if one of those people have received the Review Notifications.

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