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Inserting an image (picture) into your procedure
Inserting an image (picture) into your procedure
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Adding images to your procedures makes them come to life! Images help to convey or reinforce messages within the procedure for your team.

Images are able to be inserted into Way We Do procedure pages which include .jpg, .png and .gif file formats.

Images can be inserted into procedures by cutting and pasting, or by inserting them using the editing toolbar.

Cut and Paste Method

  1. To paste an image into a procedure, begin by highlighting (selecting) the image you would like to use.

  2. Once the image is selected, use the keyboard command Control+C (Command+C on Mac) to copy the image.

  3. Navigate to the procedure or policy you would like to add the image to, and open the editing screen by clicking the pencil icon in the buttons to the right.

  4. Click inside the editing screen to place the cursor where you would like to paste the image.

  5. Use the keyboard command Control+V (Command+V on Mac) to paste the image onto the page.

Insert Images Using Editing Tools

Alternatively, you can follow these instructions to insert an image:

  1. Create a new procedure or find an existing one to edit.

  2. For new procedures, it's important that you save the page first before you can insert an image.

  3. Place your cursor onto the page where you would like the new image to be inserted.

  4. Click on the "Image" button on the editing toolbar. It's the one that looks like a picture.

  5. Decide whether to upload a picture from your computer, use a previously added image, or use an image from a URL.

Upload an Image

To upload a new image from your computer, simply drag and drop the image into the box on the screen. Alternatively, click "Choose File" to browse your computer files and select the picture you would like to use.

Choose an Image

If you prefer to use a previously uploaded image, select "Choose" from the tab options. All available images will appear in the box. Click the desired picture to select it.

Use an Image from URL

To use an image from a URL, click the "From URL" tab. Type the URL of the image into the box. Finish by clicking "Insert Image."

Image File Sizes

Since people can view procedure documents from their computer, smart phone, or digital tablet. It's important that images do not exceed 15 MB

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